What is it, exactly, you’re trying to accomplish?

Wow, I knew I hadn’t been blogging for a while, but close to a YEAR! I’ve blogging, but on other platforms. Now I’m BACK 😉 So here we go.

Happened to drive by (actually park) the very first place I lived in when I moved out from my parents’ home.

Many thoughts came to mind.

For those of you not familiar with how it works in Sweden, I rented it on a second contract, which means that you rent it of either, whoever owns it, or whoever happens to currently have the first contract with the owner (crazy, I know, but shortage of accommodations been an issue in the Sthlm area for decades). This means you commonly pay a bit more – or a lot more – in rent.

Though at that time it was SO important to me to get my own place.

To be independent.

That place was a nice place and it did give me peace to know that I had found by myself and it gave me the sense that could take care of myself too.

And as right according to the ways of the Universe, it’s located very close to the place I lived in for my first three years of this life experience.

Part of reason I got it was that I had the strange idea that I had to ‘prove’ myself. That I had to show that I could take care of myself. Little did I know there is NOTHING to prove to anyone.

And I was in a hurry to do it too.

As it were I still lived fairly close to my parents’ home and so where there a couple of times a week anyways, but I still had my own place to go to whenever I desired.

Oddly enough I never did like the place much. It was a place to be me and find solitude, yes, but it never felt like home. Mainly cause it really wasn’t (second contract), but also because during the short time I was there many things happened that might have been seen as a sorting time.

I figured out what I did NOT want – in big ways (such as I realised that my up until then lifelong dream of being a jockey was actually a career I wanted nothing to do with).

I also aligned myself better with what I did want and who I was then.

Shortly after I sorted myself better, I did receive a place that was mine. I was way more who I really was and THAT place did feel like home for the years I stayed at it (and brought many fond memories).

My point here is that you will ALWAYS know where you’re at cause you can FEEL it!

And you can correct the path your on by simply paying attention to how you feeling at this very moment. If it feels odd or any form of negative, like a struggle or anger or fear, then you simply figured out a part that you do not desire.

MOVE ON! Find thoughts that make you feel good and, I promise you, the Universe will conspire to make that happen for you! Just make certain you keep in those vibrations of what feels good to you.

All is well.

The one hidden habit which can cause havoc in your life.

Eat right and exercise daily, yes, yes. All good and well, and, by the way, actually DOES make a world of difference for how you experience life. Because when you take on more sluggish habits, those daily habits will such the energy out of you and will effect your health negatively. We all know this to be true.

Yet there’s another ‘thief’ involved. Another one that does far more damage than most other habits and lifestyle. This one will drain you even when you ARE eating right and doing daily exercise. A variable that will wreck your life, rob you of your health, and make you purely miserable all over. What is that one ingredient you want to get rid of?


The thing is, stress have so many faces. It can be plain stress in that you simply want to get ALL those things done in one day. Yet you only have those 24 hrs as the rest of us do. And there is that one that can be hard to detect. You stress about your father-in-law’s health, about your daughter well being, or you simply feel stuck in your own life and stress – or maybe even panic – over this one.

The very sneakyness of the sneaky stress is just that you may carry quite a few of those around and not really fully be aware of the fact that you are. And yet it WILL effect you negatively.

So now what? How DO you get rid of stress?

Well, when you’re taking on too much and thinking you can actually do it all, you simply need to learn to let go. If you don’t have enough faith in others and believe you’re indispensable, then you won’t give yourself a chance to be the best version of you. In a way, yes, there is only one of you and you’re unique, BUT also know when to let go.

See, you can only be the best version of you when you take help from others. In other words: Outsource!! Outsource the work that someone else can do for you – and that probably also does a better work 😉 This way you can focus on doing what you do best and so become a greater version of yourself.

For the sneaky one it’s trickier in that you may not even be aware of the fact that you’re carrying this one around in your luggage. Even if you are, it can be difficult to understand how much damage exactly it actually does do on you.

So what do you do? That’s just the it, you need become more aware. More aware of what thoughts exactly are flying through your mind. In a mind world of circa 60 000 thoughts per DAY, you want to make certain as many as possible of them stay positive and at least somewhat focused. THIS is easier said than done! I know. Add daily meditations to you schedule, they will save you time. You’ll mind will eventually catch up. Stay alert and Present.

I’ll elaborate more on how stress effects you and what you can do for this in the next blog 😉

Are Your Children Important To You?

The answer is up to you, but I do know they most certainly are important to the rest of the world!

As a parent, the last few years I’ve been observing how fewer and fewer people want to become teachers for our smaller school children. How it is difficult for the schools to find good teachers.

Why is that???!

Shouldn’t being a role model for the next generation be one of the most admirable jobs in the WORLD?? Influencing how they approach life, how happy they are, what choices they may make.

Low pay you say?

Then, really, they should be the highest paid workers in our society. They truly have all the responsibility. As much as they influence the young ones, as much mental effort as they put in to the wellbeing of, not their own children, but yours and mine. As much love as they pour out of their own hearts to the next generation, while we – yes, I do it too – are running around worrying about the many things that our crazy minds can come up with to worry about.

The catch is, in one way or another we’re all teachers. Highly paid business or health coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, they all do fantastic work. YET. Wouldn’t it be better IF the school teachers for the young children had more resources at hand? Had more information and resources to help them do one of the most important work in our society?

PLEASE do drop a comment. I am aware that I’ve left out many aspects in this short blog, but I’d love to see other views on this topic!


Saying No Can Be An Act Of Kindness

Part of motherhood – as I’m learning. My “little one” is now already 6 years and is really getting the hang of the idea to argue. Including figuring great tactics too might I add.

Recently I’ve been told, from people who knows a lot more than me about parenting, that I need to be more firm and say no when needed. Now I’ll admit that I tend to lean towards avoiding arguing for as long as I can hold it off (and then there are times when it is just blank no).

In the process then, in learning to say no, I have discovered that the outcome is quite different to what I initially imagined. It appears that me saying no is actually making my son feel more secure. Yes, he may protest a times, but mainly he’s seem quite pleased that I’m in charge of what works and what doesn’t. That someone is there to guide to what may lead to peace and what may be less peaceful.

I was also told that me being able to say no to him, makes him feel more secure simply because if I can’t hold him off, then who or what can I protect him from?

Of course, me being me, I realized that this whole process actually appears in us grown ups too.

You may think twice about saying no, BECAUSE you’re trying to avoid a conflict. Just like I was with my son. You might even at times feel obligated to say yes, because for some mad reason you “owe” it. You’re trying to be nice and please someone other than yourself.

The catch is, you’re not. You’re not doing the other person ANY favours by saying yes when you actually mean no. You’ll be unhappy and others involved will be end up miserable too because you were dishonest, both to yourself and them.

Next time, give them a no. See what happens. Strange as it may sound, people will actually thank you for it. They’ll appreciate you honesty (even when they are hoping for a yes!). They’ll feel relieved that you are taking charge and guiding the way. MOST people – by no means all – wants a leader who shows the way.

We need to take responsibility for our own choices and when we need to make our own decisions.

Be the leader and learn to say no – and be free and happy 🙂


You want it! Don’t you?..

This is another one of those odd blog posts. I actually started writing it a good while back when I initially was inspired due to events in my life taking place then.

See if I can explain it better.

You know when there is an event or a person in your life which you may or may not want to happen. If you really want it, then it appears to be difficult to come by. If you, on the other hand, are trying to ignore it, it seems to draw closer and closer.

I’ll give you specific of a couple different spiritual leaders’ view on the subject.

1.) When you don’t want an event or a person in your life. Michael Bernard Beckwith once used a sample of trying to ignore a person whom he thought wanted to bring trouble in to his life. It turned out this person wanted to add love to Beckwith’s life (he used the experience to illustrate that our minds are often struggling to see what is real). When you try to ignore something or a person, it is drawn towards you. Makes sense as to when you keep saying no, it’ll show up even more. As with this example, when you try to ignore a person, you are, in fact, putting more attention on its presence and therefore only attracting more of it and drawing it closer.

2.) When you do want an event or a person in your life. According to spiritual Hicks, our job is to put what it is you want in to, what is referred to, your vortex and then leave it be. That’s it! Our job is to put it in there only. IF instead we then start using our minds and thoughts to try to attract it, the only thing we are attracting is its absence. The teaching here is to put in our vortex that which we want in our lives and then go on to enjoy the journey of how it all comes together.

These are two different ways of saying in short:

“What we resist, not only persists but will also grow in size” ~ Carl Jung

In other words, if you have figured out what it is you want, then you’re job is done. Step back and see what’s next. Focus on doing you’re very best and have fun doing it cause it’s how you feel that really matters.

If it you still find it tricky to ignore what it is you want or, vice versa, ignoring what it is you don’t want, then remember: Surrender. Life’s plan may very well be better than yours 😉

How do you want to feel right now?

N Hill

I Have Been So Blessed.

What? Wait, what is she on about?? Let me explain a bit more what I specifically mean with this sentence.

Backtrack to July 19, 2007, when I was involved in a fall which resulted in intracranial haemorrhages and a temporarily paralyzed left leg. A couple of weeks after this I got finally got out of the hospital and the rehabilitation on a Friday. That following Monday I had a first follow up meeting with a neurologist. I didn’t think much of it, went to the appointment, did a few things he asked me to do, and then sat down in his office while he finished his notes. Then he turned around and simply looked at me for a while. “You have been so blessed.” where his exact words and I still remember them today (almost 10 years later). It was also then I suddenly realized that this was the same neurologist who had treated me throughout my hospital stay. I knew that this is what he does for a living and probably sees cases such as mine quite frequently – so say at least. Only then did I understand his words were very true.

Only years later when I started to connect with others who had been through similar trauma did I truly realize how much was truly in that statement. How very fortunate and, yes, blessed I had been to walk way from that injury as well intact as I am today. What made the difference from me and many of the others I encountered? I have ideas of it, such I was ridiculously fit at the time, i.e. my body and blood flow recovered really fast. My long instilled regular yoga practice helped me too.

In truth I can’t prove any specifics that made the difference, but I did have a tremendous Gratitude all the way. Even in that hospital bed – and when I wanted to leave the hospital so badly – I was grateful that the damage was as “little” as it was. This was an injury from which I totally believed I would recover. I really believed the leg would bounce back, so I had no concerns for it (I would figure out how later). Every day I slowly got better, every day I was a little more grateful and simply happy to see and feel progress.

Why do I bring this up now? After all these years.

A thought struck me today, as I walked back after dropping my son off in school. How very incredibly fortunate and blessed I really and truly am. I can walk, talk, write, exercise (which I do love!), care for my little one and play with him. I have an amazing family and great friends, roof over my head and food in my belly.

Look around yourself. This planet we live on truly is a remarkable and astonishingly beautiful place!! Even on this side of the planet, where it’s now turning in to autumn and everything is changing, it’s still gorgeous. Take it all in, savour every breath given to you – and, yes, it actually is given.

I have been so very blessed and I still am receiving amazing blessings. And I, for one, am thrilled to find out more about what’s next for me 😉

Count Your Blessings! <3

Breate & Love

How on Earth did I end up here?

Ever woke up one day and thought to yourself “How on Earth did I end up here?” Of course this can be positive way thinking filled with gratitude, but for the sake of this blog I’m referring to when our circumstances takes us to a place where many lessons has to be learnt before we could return to ourselves again.

A line which hit right at me the other day: “I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything” (yes, Kate Perry’s song “Roar”). This is so very true! And is also many times WHY we end up in situations we did not initially intend.

When we don’t have integrity, when we loose our own sense of self and values, we stand for nothing. When we stand for nothing, we tend to fall in all sorts of directions which happens to randomly appear. Surrendering? Not really. Rather picking up whatever may come your way. In other words, not living life by design, not being aligned with your true self, but rather living your life according to others. When you don’t make decisions for your life, then someone else will.

What my come your way when you stand for nothing? Any crazy thing your mind has unintentionally cooked up. Since your mind at this stage has nothing to build on, it will feel inspired by anything that may or may not be fun, enjoyable, or “look good” in the eye of the odd beholder. Most likely you won’t feel you get any particular joy out of any of it, but since you’re at nothing you’ll do it anyway.

“If you are not consciously directing your life, you will loose your footing and circumstances will decide for you.” ~ Michael Beckwith

And THAT, my friends, are how you end up in situations you may never have thought imaginable to you. I should know.

So what’s next? How do you turn things around?

This is where integrity comes in handy.

According to various dictionaries integrity means “the quality to be honest and fair, and having strong moral principles” also “the state of being complete and whole”. I’m not going to make out to be any expert on the subject, but this can be interpreted as to be honest to self and to treat self lovingly, which creates a sense of wholeness.

I’m not going to allow myself to be less than I’ve become. In other words, I’m not going to choose specific actions towards myself simply because someone else chooses to do so for themselves – or because that is their wishes for themselves.

For example, if a person done an action towards me which I disagree on, I can choose to react the same way towards them. Allowing myself to sink to their level. OR I can choose maintain my integrity, allowing myself to be where I am at, and step up to my own level and remain at more. Allow myself to be what I have become.

When you know what your values are, when you know what it is you want, and what gives you peace, then you KNOW what to fill up your cup with and what to leave out. When you find out what truly gives you joy, then by law of attraction that is what you will get.

To continue where I started off: I went from zero, to my own hero 😉 By choosing to allow myself to be what I have become.

Where is your integrity at? What is it you value? I’d love to find out, so please leave a comment 🙂


I’m Wide Awake.

If you are open enough to it, you can see the messages the Universe, the God, the Source – or whatever you prefer to call it – are constantly sending you. This message service is ALWAYS on and is always working. Aware of it or not, you are constantly sending messages to the Universe, so it does work both ways. Again, assuming you stay open to it.

Stay Wide Awake. Your soul is always communicating.

The messages I’ve been receiving the last few days are very clear. My little man put a DVD disc on the table the other morning. I had the choice at getting annoyed that he put it right on the table instead of where it belonged, but my immediate thought went to what he had put on the table (less on why). The DVD contained episodes of “The Dragon Trainer”. As I turned on the TV for him to watch the morning shows, I saw that just that morning there was an episode of “The Dragon Trainer” on! It’s not usually on in the mornings, so, of course, I had the to watch. The short of what happened was that the dragons were being set up by a villager who did not want them in the village. He had made it look like they had done something they in actual fact hadn’t.

Okay. Things are not always what they appear to be.

Later on this very same day I happen to see a short talk by Michael Bernard Beckwith. He gave an example of an experience he’d had at an airport where his thoughts were assuming he was about to be accused, but in reality he was approached by simple pure love. The idea of the fact that our perception of the world may or may not be real. Our thoughts may not be real.

Both of these went in my mind back to the other day I happen to see a friend outside the house where I live, drop of a girl. This is a friend whose personal life I know less off and therefore I immediately assumed this was his girlfriend/fiance/wife? After receiving those messages, I’m thinking it may have been either. It could just as easily have been another friend or relative.

In the case of me, I apparently need to figure out what it is in my life where I’m currently not seeing through the veil. What is it that I’m currently not seeing clearly? What is it that is real?

What are the messages you’re receiving??

Laws of the Universe

Do You Ever Play Solitaire?

Ever do those Solitaire games? You commonly find them n your phone or iPad or the like. Occasionally I’ll do them when I feel like giving my mind a break and to help it to let go of the overload that happens at times.

In the last 48 hrs I got two clear messages from this activity.

The first one was in that I tend to want to pull and change the settings. Why? Simply because it’s pulling the one direction, resulting in me constantly pulling against it. The other day I thought of one of the things Michael Beckwith says. “Life is for you, not against you.” So I stopped pulling against. I simply allowed the game to unfold. Suddenly I had a “New Personal Best”. How about that. I wasn’t even looking to better anything and yet here it was. It simply unfolded itself and apparently did it in a smoother way than ever.

Lesson? Everything is for me. It will happen when I give it permission to happen.

The second one came when this one game I was playing was simply overflowing with, what looked to me as, chaos. Then I thought “I’ll keep going, make my moves (i.e. take action), and see where it ends.” And, lo and behold, I won that one too.

In other words, even if it looks like chaos, even if it appears to be heading in to failure, keep moving, let it unfold, and you will win. Remember, life is for you.

This all sounds fabulous, but then the question emerges. How do you know if you’re taking actions towards letting your life unfold? Versus when you take actions which will make everything harder on yourself? Leave ego at the door and you’ll know 😉

Seriously, there are no right or wrong, or specific ways to tell, but you KNOW in your heart when you face your true self. Beside, wherever it ends up it will be part of your journey and certainly new lessons to be learnt.

I let it happen. The Universe is in order.


Stop Obsessing Over What Your Purpose Is!

I wrote on this subject of finding your purpose quite extensively already and I tend to derail – massively! That is simply because in my mind this is a tricky topic and, in honesty, one I’m still struggling with myself. Which is also why I keep writing about it in an attempt to figure it out. The question I ask myself over and over is: What brings me joy? You know, the one thing you do that makes you forget time, which brings you total bliss, and when you’re in flow. What is it you’re doing when all that creativity comes out through you?

Dr Dyer said that “you are already living your purpose”, meaning you are already on that path. He also said that as long as you are searching for it, your soul will get the message and your purpose will reveal itself.

Listening to Eckhart Tolle who will tell similar, though using different language. One example that comes to mind is when I heard him say (in reference to relationships) that you will learn more and be given much more in three failed relationships in same amount of years than you will spending that time by yourself. The topic here is totally different (relationships) but the point I’m on about is doing something – anything! – is much better than fearing failure, fearing having to learn.

Speakers and spiritual leaders such as Dyer and Tolle make great points and to them it is all so very obvious. Yet for people such as you and me, it can be tricky to take in at times. This girl really struck a cord with me as she explains it great in a daily living sort of way that may be easier to relate to:


Terri speaks of a window washer and suggests that this is not very likely his true calling. I totally agree!! I thought about that many times before of various other jobs. What I come to believe though is that 1) only if you go searching/calling for your purpose will you find it and 2) that these jobs that may seem insignificant to any calling, has a place. There is something to learn from, for example spending years working with horses or a shorter time being a tech support agent, which will bring you closer to where you want to be – again assuming you go searching for it 😉

I came across another reading last night I want to share. What I read said in short:

Ultimately your purpose is to bring Divinity to down Earth. This is a sacred journey.

Regardless of what it is you are doing right now. Right today you are moving closer – enjoy the ride!

Do share your experiences on figuring out and finding YOUR purpose!!