Are Your Children Important To You?

The answer is up to you, but I do know they most certainly are important to the rest of the world!

As a parent, the last few years I’ve been observing how fewer and fewer people want to become teachers for our smaller school children. How it is difficult for the schools to find good teachers.

Why is that???!

Shouldn’t being a role model for the next generation be one of the most admirable jobs in the WORLD?? Influencing how they approach life, how happy they are, what choices they may make.

Low pay you say?

Then, really, they should be the highest paid workers in our society. They truly have all the responsibility. As much as they influence the young ones, as much mental effort as they put in to the wellbeing of, not their own children, but yours and mine. As much love as they pour out of their own hearts to the next generation, while we – yes, I do it too – are running around worrying about the many things that our crazy minds can come up with to worry about.

The catch is, in one way or another we’re all teachers. Highly paid business or health coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and so forth. Don’t get me wrong, they all do fantastic work. YET. Wouldn’t it be better IF the school teachers for the young children had more resources at hand? Had more information and resources to help them do one of the most important work in our society?

PLEASE do drop a comment. I am aware that I’ve left out many aspects in this short blog, but I’d love to see other views on this topic!


3 thoughts on “Are Your Children Important To You?

  1. Good teachers are there, just so burnt out by over crowding due to some quiting and fewer teachers. The pay here is monthly and some had to take cuts to keep what job they have. So while trying to teach now and the mental stress of student suicide. Students pushing others to the point of taking their own life! Moving to this area with my daughter and granddaughter, she entered

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