I Have Been So Blessed.

What? Wait, what is she on about?? Let me explain a bit more what I specifically mean with this sentence.

Backtrack to July 19, 2007, when I was involved in a fall which resulted in intracranial haemorrhages and a temporarily paralyzed left leg. A couple of weeks after this I got finally got out of the hospital and the rehabilitation on a Friday. That following Monday I had a first follow up meeting with a neurologist. I didn’t think much of it, went to the appointment, did a few things he asked me to do, and then sat down in his office while he finished his notes. Then he turned around and simply looked at me for a while. “You have been so blessed.” where his exact words and I still remember them today (almost 10 years later). It was also then I suddenly realized that this was the same neurologist who had treated me throughout my hospital stay. I knew that this is what he does for a living and probably sees cases such as mine quite frequently – so say at least. Only then did I understand his words were very true.

Only years later when I started to connect with others who had been through similar trauma did I truly realize how much was truly in that statement. How very fortunate and, yes, blessed I had been to walk way from that injury as well intact as I am today. What made the difference from me and many of the others I encountered? I have ideas of it, such I was ridiculously fit at the time, i.e. my body and blood flow recovered really fast. My long instilled regular yoga practice helped me too.

In truth I can’t prove any specifics that made the difference, but I did have a tremendous Gratitude all the way. Even in that hospital bed – and when I wanted to leave the hospital so badly – I was grateful that the damage was as “little” as it was. This was an injury from which I totally believed I would recover. I really believed the leg would bounce back, so I had no concerns for it (I would figure out how later). Every day I slowly got better, every day I was a little more grateful and simply happy to see and feel progress.

Why do I bring this up now? After all these years.

A thought struck me today, as I walked back after dropping my son off in school. How very incredibly fortunate and blessed I really and truly am. I can walk, talk, write, exercise (which I do love!), care for my little one and play with him. I have an amazing family and great friends, roof over my head and food in my belly.

Look around yourself. This planet we live on truly is a remarkable and astonishingly beautiful place!! Even on this side of the planet, where it’s now turning in to autumn and everything is changing, it’s still gorgeous. Take it all in, savour every breath given to you – and, yes, it actually is given.

I have been so very blessed and I still am receiving amazing blessings. And I, for one, am thrilled to find out more about what’s next for me 😉

Count Your Blessings! <3

Breate & Love

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