The one hidden habit which can cause havoc in your life.

Eat right and exercise daily, yes, yes. All good and well, and, by the way, actually DOES make a world of difference for how you experience life. Because when you take on more sluggish habits, those daily habits will such the energy out of you and will effect your health negatively. We all know this to be true.

Yet there’s another ‘thief’ involved. Another one that does far more damage than most other habits and lifestyle. This one will drain you even when you ARE eating right and doing daily exercise. A variable that will wreck your life, rob you of your health, and make you purely miserable all over. What is that one ingredient you want to get rid of?


The thing is, stress have so many faces. It can be plain stress in that you simply want to get ALL those things done in one day. Yet you only have those 24 hrs as the rest of us do. And there is that one that can be hard to detect. You stress about your father-in-law’s health, about your daughter well being, or you simply feel stuck in your own life and stress – or maybe even panic – over this one.

The very sneakyness of the sneaky stress is just that you may carry quite a few of those around and not really fully be aware of the fact that you are. And yet it WILL effect you negatively.

So now what? How DO you get rid of stress?

Well, when you’re taking on too much and thinking you can actually do it all, you simply need to learn to let go. If you don’t have enough faith in others and believe you’re indispensable, then you won’t give yourself a chance to be the best version of you. In a way, yes, there is only one of you and you’re unique, BUT also know when to let go.

See, you can only be the best version of you when you take help from others. In other words: Outsource!! Outsource the work that someone else can do for you – and that probably also does a better work 😉 This way you can focus on doing what you do best and so become a greater version of yourself.

For the sneaky one it’s trickier in that you may not even be aware of the fact that you’re carrying this one around in your luggage. Even if you are, it can be difficult to understand how much damage exactly it actually does do on you.

So what do you do? That’s just the it, you need become more aware. More aware of what thoughts exactly are flying through your mind. In a mind world of circa 60 000 thoughts per DAY, you want to make certain as many as possible of them stay positive and at least somewhat focused. THIS is easier said than done! I know. Add daily meditations to you schedule, they will save you time. You’ll mind will eventually catch up. Stay alert and Present.

I’ll elaborate more on how stress effects you and what you can do for this in the next blog 😉

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  1. Being able to control stress in our lives is so important, it is difficult to enjoy life when we are stressed. Stress interferes with our sleep, increases anxiety and leads to an increased risk of several medical diseases. Thanks for bringing awareness to this subject.

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