You want it! Don’t you?..

This is another one of those odd blog posts. I actually started writing it a good while back when I initially was inspired due to events in my life taking place then.

See if I can explain it better.

You know when there is an event or a person in your life which you may or may not want to happen. If you really want it, then it appears to be difficult to come by. If you, on the other hand, are trying to ignore it, it seems to draw closer and closer.

I’ll give you specific of a couple different spiritual leaders’ view on the subject.

1.) When you don’t want an event or a person in your life. Michael Bernard Beckwith once used a sample of trying to ignore a person whom he thought wanted to bring trouble in to his life. It turned out this person wanted to add love to Beckwith’s life (he used the experience to illustrate that our minds are often struggling to see what is real). When you try to ignore something or a person, it is drawn towards you. Makes sense as to when you keep saying no, it’ll show up even more. As with this example, when you try to ignore a person, you are, in fact, putting more attention on its presence and therefore only attracting more of it and drawing it closer.

2.) When you do want an event or a person in your life. According to spiritual Hicks, our job is to put what it is you want in to, what is referred to, your vortex and then leave it be. That’s it! Our job is to put it in there only. IF instead we then start using our minds and thoughts to try to attract it, the only thing we are attracting is its absence. The teaching here is to put in our vortex that which we want in our lives and then go on to enjoy the journey of how it all comes together.

These are two different ways of saying in short:

“What we resist, not only persists but will also grow in size” ~ Carl Jung

In other words, if you have figured out what it is you want, then you’re job is done. Step back and see what’s next. Focus on doing you’re very best and have fun doing it cause it’s how you feel that really matters.

If it you still find it tricky to ignore what it is you want or, vice versa, ignoring what it is you don’t want, then remember: Surrender. Life’s plan may very well be better than yours 😉

How do you want to feel right now?

N Hill

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