Natural Secrets

Being that I believe in letting the body heal from within (also got a Master’s degree in Preventive Medicine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), I found a great website which pretty much covers all needs to help your body out! ย They have the best prices I’ve seen – and you get USD 5 off your first purchase ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are samples of great uses of the stuff you’ll find on it:

*If you’re like me, with little ones at home, you know all about getting those notes sent home with your child on about: It Is FLEA/LICE season!! The first time I encountered this one, I immediately went to think about what I would do, IF that were to happen. Then I thought of yet another better idea. What can I do to prevent my little one from getting infested at all? What are the best ways to protect him? Turns out fleas and lice do NOT like tea tree oil! Who knew, right? So get your babies laddered up with tea tree oil shampoo is one of the most effective and harmless actions to take to protect your little ones. Click here to have it delivered straight to your home at a great price ๐Ÿ™‚

*One day I was in the grocery store with my little one and they were giving samples away of this reddish looking drink. I let my little one taste it and he simply thought It was Divine!! I thought at first he was just thirsty, but he insisted. So I figured it may be worth trying out again. I bought the mix and my little one was just as delighted to get it at home as he had been in the shop!! That’s when I also checked it out a bit better. As it is, this mix pretty much contains everything that one can possibly thing of wanting in a nutrion valuable drink! A lot of those mix you buy in the grocery shops actually don’t contain much nutrition, but mainly tastes good. This one is a winner!! Get it here.